We can provide all the below mentioned expertise to make your film more efficient. We have database of more than 100 efficient, experienced and award winning

  • Assistant Director / 1st AD / 2nd AD / 3rd AD
  • Directors
  • Line Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Production Assistants / PA
  • Production Coordinators
  • Production Designers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Secretary
  • Location finding
  • Unit Production Managers
  • Script Supervisors
  • Continuity Directors
  • Casting Directors

Art, Props & Sets

  • Art Directors

  • Prop Maker

  • Prop Master

  • Scenic Artist / Painter

  • Set Decorator / Dresser

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Set Construction Co-ordinator/Builder

Location Finding

We help and provide various options to choose a site that matches the setting of your story. As you set out to evaluate locations, Scout at the right time and can provide countless options: natural areas, historic sites, distinctive buildings, urban landscapes and waterfront settings which will be required to tell your story.

So we feel that it is important that we understand all those requirements below mentioned to find an identical location to shoot and evaluating it as per your needs.

  • Look at the light
  • Follow the sun
  • Scout at the right time
  • Check the power supplies
  • Know your script very well
  • Get Appropriate Permissions
  • Listen to any External surrounding voices

Makeup & Wardrobe

  • Costume Designer

  • Hair Stylist

  • Make-up Artist

  • Special FX Makeup

  • Wardrobe Stylist

Facilities Vehicles

All typed of facilities vehicles and chauffeur services can be provided with a very reasonable and affordable cost.

Hotels & Flight Tickets

We provide better deals on bulk buying Air travels, 5stars/4 stars & 3 stars hotels accommodations.

Legal Adviser / Insurances

Our recommended film lawyers advice clients on the entire lifecycle of a film. During development we help producers to investigate and secure the rights needed to successfully produce their project and can handle complex chain of title issues as well as straight screenplay commissions and rights options.

Accounts, Audits & Budgets:

The rapidity of spending during the production of the feature film, or TV show, is so high that it would be a nightmare for someone who hasn’t been exposed to the usual reporting system. We can provide the Film Production conversant Accountant with every area of film production, the expert when it comes to predicting cost overruns and budgeting it accordingly.

Budget & Tax Relief

Film Tax Relief is now available at 25% of qualifying film production expenditure, regardless of budget. Films must either pass the Cultural Test or qualify as an official co-production. Films must be intended for theatrical release only. Films, including those made under official co-production treaties, must have a minimum UK core spend requirement of 10%.Tax relief is available on qualifying UK production expenditure on the lower of either 80% of total core expenditure or the actual UK core expenditure incurred. There is no cap on the amount which can be claimed. The film production companies are responsible for the film needs to be within the UK corporation tax net. We can help you in achieving all the above requirements, planning & auditing your expenditure to make submissions on your behalf to local authorities.